Aug 27, 2020

This Saturday afternoon at 3.00 pm, most of the foals from the EDS collection will be presented live for the last time, after which the first group of foals will be auctioned at 6.30 pm. The live presentation will take place at ‘Landgoed Culitsrode’ and can be followed online via

Foals show themselves one more time
During the live presentation, each foal get the time to make a good impression for the last time, after which he or she is auctioned in the evening.

Due to the corona measures, only for a limited number of people is space during the live presentation. Because the EDS team would give everyone the opportunity to follow the live presentation, the presentation will be broadcasted live via

How does the EDS online auction work?
The EDS online foal auction started on Tuesday August 25.  To make a bid, it’s necessary you register on our website.

The first foals will be auctioned on Saturday evening August 29 from 6.30 pm. Subsequently, a group of six foals are auctioned every 15 minutes until 9 pm. As soon as you are logged in, you will see per foal how much time you have left to make a bid. When a bid is made on a foal in the last minute before closing, the auction for that foal will be extended by 5 minutes.

The EDS online foal auction works with bidding steps. Up to € 5000, the bid will be increased by € 200, compared to the highest bid so far. From € 5000 to € 10,000, the bid will be increased by €500. Above €10,000, it will be increased by € 1,000.

Extensive collection
With over 60 foals and 2 embryos, the EDS collection is extensive this year. Offspring of both proven and young stallions have been included in the auction. For example, Pelé D is a descendant of the fantastic breeding stallion Vivaldi and top stallion Glock’s Toto Jr is well represented with the two foals Port-au-Prince S and Phlox.

Jameson RS2, Liverpool TC, Livius and Lennox U.S. are the four young stallions with the most foals in the EDS collection. They all have several extraordinary offspring in the collection, such as Pompidou (s. Jameson RS2)Papagayo (s. Liverpool TC)Prodegy VG (s. Livius) and Prima Donna (s. Lennox U.S.). All these foals will be presented during the live presentation this Saturday.

Are you interested in one of the foals and would you like to view the veterinary reports in advance? This is possible. Please contact us via .

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