Apr 14, 2020

The EDS online auction started this morning! Many people have already registered for the online auction and the first bids have already been made. Would you like to participate and did you not register yet? You can still register! Go to online.excellentdressagesales.com and sign up.

When the online auction started at 11 O clock this morning, the first bids were placed immediately. The tension will only increase in the coming days, until the end of the online auction on Saturday evening. Would you like to follow the auction and perhaps bid on one of the horses? Register yourself and follow the auction closely.

End times
The auction will close on Saturday evening. Exact closing times vary per horse, making it easier for visitors with an interest in multiple horses to bid until the end. End times are chosen based on catalog order. These are as follows:

  • numbers 1 to 10 closed at 7 pm
  • numbers 11 to 20 at 7.30 pm
  • numbers 21 to 30 at 8 p.m.
  • numbers 31 to 40 at 8.30 pm
  • numbers 41 to 48 at 9 p.m.

Each horse in the auction also has a clock that runs down until the online auction for that horse close. So you can find out how long you have left to place a bid.

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