May 27, 2020 · EDS

Due to the large supply of talented foals and the demand from breeders to organize the selection days at multiple locations throughout the Netherlands, the EDS team has decided to organize additional selection days for the EDS online foal auction.

The locations of these extra scheduled selection days are mainly located in the north of the Netherlands, so breeders from this part of the Netherlands can also easily present their foals to the EDS team.

As with the other EDS selection days, a photographer and videographer will be present on these extra scheduled dates. In this way, the breeder has to travel just once with the mare and foal.

The selection days are now as follows:
Tuesday               June 2                 in Heerewaarden
Thursday             June 11                in Hooge Mierde
Saturday              June 13                in Oud Beijerland
Thursday,            June 18                in Eibergen & Gieten
Friday                  June 19                in Heereveen and Warmerhuizen
Saturday             June 27                 in Heerewaarden

Do you have a promising foal? Register your foal for one of the EDS selection days!

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