Jun 18, 2020 · EDS

Due to the many requests for the selection days and to give breeders with a foal born in May or June  the opportunity to present their foal to the EDS team, it has been decided to schedule an extra selection day on July 23, 2020 in Heerewaarden.

Selection days in full swing
The first selection days have already taken place. The new concept, in which breeders immediately hear whether the foal has been selected and where photos and videos of the foals are taken the same moment, seems to be a success. Breeders are positively surprised by the peace and personal attention that is given to each foal on the selection day. On the other hand, the EDS team is very satisfied with the quality of the foals thar are presented this year.

Extra selection day at the end of July
We were regularly asked whether there is any other option for selection for foals born in May and June, because the selection days in June would be too early to present these foals. However, the EDS team considers it important to have seen all foals in real life and to be able to assess them properly. In order to accommodate breeders with a later-born foal, an extra selection day is planned on July 23, 2020 in Heerewaarden. Are you interested in presenting a foal on this selection day? Register your foal here or contact Joep Schellekens (06 26 36 01 96).

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