Jul 19, 2021

Since 2009 Jeroen Witte and Emmelie Scholtens have jointly run dressage stable Witte Scholtens. The two initially got a sponsored horse truck from Rinus Blom, which they were very happy with, but as the stable grew, they looked for something bigger and more comfortable. That’s how they ended up at Anemone Horse Trucks. A choice that they have been very happy with for years now.

Stallion proof
Stal Witte Scholtens is active in many different areas within the equestrian sport. Jeroen: “We have young horses that have never had a halter on up to horses that compete at the highest level. So really from green to Grand Prix. When choosing the right horse truck, it was important to us that the car was ‘stallion-proof’ and therefore made of high-quality material. This way we know for sure that when we go to mare or stallion inspections, all (young) horses can be transported safely.” The horse truck for two horses in stallion version from Anemone Horse Trucks, together with the two-horse trailer in stallion version, offered the solution. “This combination works very well. In fact, the trailer is exactly the same as the horse trucks inside, only the horses travel forward in the trailer and backwards in the horse trucks.

In total we can transport 4 horses in a safe and easy way with this combination. We use the horse truck and trailer for everything at the moment. Both for transport to inspections and to international competitions.” says Jeroen.

Anyone can drive away with it
In addition to the safety for the horses, it is also nice that a horse truck fits within your company. The Anemone Horse Trucks horse truck for two horses can be driven by anyone with a small driving license. Jeroen: “This is certainly an added value for us. Everyone at our company can drive away with it. This allows us to be more flexible in our planning.” In addition, there is another advantage, according to Jeroen: “These cars are of such good quality that they retain their value. We now have our 3rd horse truck from Anemone Horse Trucks. Exchanging the previous horse trucks is never a problem, because the trucks retain their value so well. Here again it appears that quality and service is so very important. And they know that at Anemone Horse Trucks.”

Are you curious whether Anemone Horse Trucks also has suitable horse transport for you? Then view the website.

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