May 14, 2020 · EDS

It’s possible to register foals for the EDS online foal auction selection days. These selection days take place on different days and at different locations in June. The EDS team will be present every selection day to select the best foals for the collection. They look at the total frame, the movements and the pedigree of the foal.

Registraton and expiry of selection days
Registering a foal for a selection day can be done in several ways and is completely free of charge. The fastest option is to fill in the online application form on the EDS website. In addition, it is also possible to contact the EDS team by telephone or send an email.

The foals are presented by the breeders during the various selection days. On the selection day, the EDS team immediately informs the breeder whether the foal is included in the collection or not. If a foal is included in the collection, professional photos and videos of the foal will be made during the selection day. In this way, a breeder only has to travel once with the mare and foal.

EDS online foal auction
Last year the EDS-Prinsenstad Foal Auction took place at Manege de Prinsenstad. Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, it is not possible to continue cooperation in this way this year. For this reason, the EDS team decided to switch to an online foal auction. The final of this online auction take place on Saturday August 29.

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