Mar 16, 2021

Last week, the complete 2021 collection was published online. There are pictures and video’s of every horse in the collection, but it’s also possible to try out the horses of your interest. Due to the corona and rhino measures, it’s only possible to try out the horses by appointment and on the location of the horse.

You can contact us to make an appointment on +31 (0)6-26 36 01 96 or send an email to info@excellentdressagesales.com. Together we can decide which horses are interesting for you to try and schedule your try out for each horse.

Possibility to view veterinary reports

Are you interested in the veterinary reports of one or more horses from our collection? During the selection, every horse is checked again by a vet, so we have recent veterinary reports of all horses. It’s possible to view these reports, so you have more information about the health of the horses you are interested in.

To view the reports, please contact us on 31 (0)13 – 509 1666 or via info@excellentdressagesales.com.

Make a bid, registrate first

Would you like to make a bid on one or more horses? You first have to register yourself on Excellent Dressage Sales | Online auction. Click in the menu on ‘Login’ and register yourself through ‘No account yet? Register now!’. After registration, you will receive a conformation email. Make sure you confirm your registration by this email.

After registration, you are able to login to our website. From Tuesday march 23, the online auction is open for bidding. On Saturday evening March 27, the online auction will be closed. The first horses will be auctioned at 18:30 hour. Thereafter, every 15 minutes six horses will be auctioned, so if you are interested in more horses, you have time to place a bid on each horse.

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