Mar 20, 2021

SeBo tack rooms are designed from the rider's practical point of view. SeBo creates spaces that make daily use more functional and pleasant. The projects they realize at home and abroad prove that this can go hand in hand with aesthetics, exclusivity and atmosphere.

Whether you run a large sports stable, own an exclusive private stable, or are a small-scale horse keeper, the tack room is a space that is used intensively for almost everyone. Here are the most important materials for the training of the horses, but also often the necessities for the care of the horses. The designers of SeBo Interior & Equipage have a wealth of experience and assure you of solution-oriented concepts and novelties. SeBo explains what makes the perfect tack room and how this can be realized.

The most important thing is functionality

Most horse owners are practical people. Functionality is therefore a very important point when designing the perfect tack room. SeBo: “However, a functional space looks different for everyone. The owner of a large stable may find it functional that all customers have enough space for their own materials and can also separate them from other people's materials. While the small-scale sports stable owner may prefer to have all saddles hanging together, so that they can be easily picked up. And these are just two examples. A functional space is different for everyone, which is why we always discuss their wishes and ideas with a customer beforehand. ”

Love for the craft. Inspired by wood.

Okay, let’s say the space is functionally arranged, but still you have so many choices to make the tack room perfect. Because which materials do you choose? And how much attention is paid to the luxurious finish? SeBo: “We are passionate about wood, with all its shades, types and properties. Wood has beautiful color nuances and gives a luxurious and warm appearance. No-nonsense in European oak, a classic style in high-gloss mahogany or modern sleek with carbon black oak. We strive for the perfect match with the appearance of the stable. We combine the wood with high-quality natural stone, leather, stainless steel and exclusive fabrics. Every product must meet our quality standard 100%. With an eye for detail, beauty and functionality, we offer top-notch customization ”.

EDS team member Joop van Uytert: “A few years ago we wanted to adjust our tack room. We consciously chose SeBo Interior & Equipage. And we are still very happy with that. The conversations on beforehand allowed us to design the space in such a way that it is ideal for us. In addition, the space will remain just as beautiful over the years as it was in the beginning, thanks to the robust wood. ”

A tool box for the rider

Ofcourse it’s impossible to take your perfect tack room to competitions. Nevertheless, it is also nice to have all your things together during these moments and to be able to properly maintain it immediately after your training or competition. SeBo: “Our customers regularly indicated to us that they would like to take our robust, multifunctional and beautiful tack room with them to competitions. For this reason we have designed a riding tool box for the rider. A multifunctional tack carr. The part on which the saddle rests is rotatable, so that the underside of the saddle can also be cleaned or maintained. In addition, there is enough space to store all things in a practical way. "

Would you like to know more about SeBo Interior & Equipage or perhaps get to know us personally? Then view the website.

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