Feb 24, 2021

How do you transport your horses? While a trailer was the most used and safest way of horse transport 25 years ago, it is certainly no longer. More and more horse owners are opting for a large horse truck with a living room or a two-horse vehicle. Anemone Horse Trucks, supplier of these cars, says: “We have beautiful products that are luxurious on the one hand, but necessary and indispensable on the other. Our customers go out with their most valuable possessions, which has to be done as safely as possible. ”

Safety on the road
You are on your way home and something goes wrong with your truck. You have to stop on the side of the highway with your horses. A nightmare for many horse owners. To transport your horses safety, a reliable horse truck is a prerequisite, but of course something can always go wrong. EDS team member Tim Coomans: “When you are on the road with your horse and something happens, you want to be helped. Anemone Horse Trucks has its own 24-hour service. As a customer, I can reach them day and night, which gives me safety feeling. In addition, I think it’s great to see that this company puts itself in the customer’s shoes and comes up with good, safe ideas. ”

Transport your horse without your own transport
Do you have a horse, but you don’t often go out? Or are you temporarily in Europe for international competitions? Then it is likely that you do not own a horse truck. Renting a horse truck, large or small, is a good option to transport your horse comfortably and safely when it’s necessary. Renting a horse truck is sometimes very attractive financially, but it can also be arranged quickly

EDS team member Joep Schellekens: “We regularly have international customers who ask for transport for the period in which they are in the Netherlands or Europe. We often recommend Horse Trucks For With the rental of large horse trucks, this subsidiary of Anemone Horse Trucks focuses mainly on foreign customers from all over the world. The cars are delivered throughout Europe and thus offer the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and comfort of these cars in a flexible way. There are also options at Horse Trucks For for people looking for transport for a day, weekend or week. Ideal in our opinion. ”

Which horse truck is right for you?
Are you looking for a two-horse truck or perhaps a larger horse truck, but you still have doubts about what suits you best? Perhaps it is important that the groom with a B driving license must be able to drive the car? Or maybe it’s important that stallions or foals must also be able to be transported in the truck? On the YouTube channel of Anemone Horse Trucks you will find several videos where owner Stefan gives a look behind the scenes of his company and talks about all the horse trucks and options. The perfect channel to discover which car is right for you.

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